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Vortex Elite Lacrosse

Arizona's Premier Girls Lacrosse Club

Vortex Elite is a nationally recognized club focused on player development, competing at the highest level and the college recruiting experience. 

Vortex 2026

Nationally Ranked


Vortex 2027

Nationally Ranked


Vortex 2028/29

Nationally Ranked


Vortex 2030

Nationally Ranked



  • Develop highly competitive teams

  • Guide and support through the collegiate recruiting process

  • Focused on player development

  • Grow lacrosse at the local level

  • Friends for life culture

Featured Services

Tournament Teams

Teams that compete in premier tournaments at the regional level.



Teams focused on competing in national recruiting tournaments.

Recruiting Services

Proprietary programs to assist players and families in the collegiate recruiting process.

Player Development

Programing focused on improving the players lacrosse skills, agility and speed


Sin City Showdown 2023

Vortex Elite 2030/31

Sandstorm 2024

Vortex Elite 2027

Robinhood 2024 U12

Vortex Elite 2030/31

Robinhood 2024 U14

Vortex Elite 2028/29

Get in Touch

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding how to join a team or just the lacrosse scene here in Arizona.

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