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Vortex Elite Player shootign on the goal and scoring.

Lacrosse Excellence Unleashed


Audrey Wright shines as the MVP of her team this month. Audrey has dedicated nearly two years to Vortex, contributing as both a recreational and Elite player. Throughout this period, her remarkable growth and development have been evident and commendable. Audrey consistently channels her utmost dedication into every practice, showcasing exceptional stick skills and a commitment to physical conditioning. Undoubtedly, Audrey's future in the realm of Vortex shines brightly.

Player Spotlight

The Premier College Recruiting Girls Lacrosse Club in Arizona

Jackie Jimenez, 2026 Vortex Eltie Team, takes the draw. lacrosse player

Recruiting Process

The recruiting process at Vortex Elite is a dynamic journey that connects promising talent with the right opportunities. It's a careful blend of skill showcases, networking, and showcasing a player's unique strengths. Our staff works tirelessly to identify the perfect fit for each athlete, ensuring they have the chance to shine at the next level of their athletic and academic careers. It's a pathway to realizing dreams and making them a reality.

link to learn more about the Vortex Elite College Recruitng Services

Vortex Teams

Vortex Elite strives for nationally ranked competitive grade-pure teams that ensure fair competition among peers of the same age. This approach fosters appropriate skill development as players progress through the years, setting the stage for a successful journey. Moreover, it enhances visibility when they reach the recruiting age, increasing opportunities for recognition and future prospects in their athletic careers.

Link the the Vortex Elite Teams
Vortex Elite coaches on the sidelines at a tournament
#30 Kelly DiPanfilo, fromthe Vortex Elite 2032 lacrosse team scores a goal

Vortex Coaches

Our coaching staff at Vortex Elite is the backbone of our success. Comprising seasoned professionals and dedicated mentors, they bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth is unparalleled. With a passion for the game and a focus on skill development, they inspire our athletes to reach new heights, making them a driving force behind our team's achievements.

Link to the Vortex Elite Coaching Staff

New Player Information

Joining a team with Vortex Elite is an exciting journey that begins with tryouts and evaluations. These sessions provide a level playing field for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills and potential. Our coaches assess talent, teamwork, and determination, ensuring a fair and competitive selection process. It's the first step towards becoming part of Vortex Elite community, where dedication and passion for the game are celebrated and nurtured.

Learn how to join a Vortex Elite Team

Vortex Elite Locations

South Location - Chandler

Our Chandler location offers comprehensive training sessions three days a week. These sessions are conducted by our esteemed head coaches, ensuring that you receive top-tier instruction and mentorship directly from the leaders of our teams.

 North Location - North Phoenix

Our North location at Venturoso Park is a game-changer for players in the north valley, providing a convenient option for practice without the hassle of extensive travel. Players gain access to top-notch training sessions led by Peak 180. On Saturdays these players will join the full team and head coaches at our Chandler location, with the option to practice there on Thursdays as well. This dual-location approach is designed to accommodate every player's needs and maximize their potential.



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