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Welcome to Vortex

We're excited you have decided to join the Vortex lacrosse family.  We think lacrosse is the best sport out there, and we want to help make sure you agree by making the "getting started phase" a little easier. 

Step 1: If you haven't already signed up, you first need to register to be a member of USA Lacrosse.  It is required for insurance purposes to play in both league and tournament games.  It is an annual $30 fee.  Save your USA Lacrosse membership number, as it is needed to register to play for Vortex.

Step 2: Once you have USA lacrosse membership, it is time to register to play with Vortex!




Step 3:  Get the required gear.  If you don't have the required gear, you will need to purchase certain items for safe play.  We offer a player starter package that includes all the required items, but you are free to purchase these on your own.  Contact our team manager if you would like to purchase the starter pack. 


You will need:


Mouth guard 

Girls Lacrosse stick (boys use different sticks)

Cleats (not included in starter pack)

Step 4:  You may be wondering what the heck is this sport called lacrosse.  Don't worry!  We've all been there, and you'll have it figured out in no time.  Our LAX FAQ​ page has great information about the history of the game, the basics of the girls game and terminology. 

Step 5: Attending practices and games.  Plan ahead to attend all practices and games.  It is important for player development, learning team drills and concepts, and being a good teammate.  If you can not attend a practice or game please let the team manager or coaches know in advance.  In addition to attendance, come to practice a little early so you have time to put on your gear and are ready to play.  Also, please remove all jewelry before all practices and games. We know it is cute, but this is a USA Lacrosse rule designed to help prevent injury as this is a physical sport. 

You will need to bring to every practice and game:

All required gear (see above)

Pennie (uniform)

Plenty of water

Step 5: Have fun!! If you still have questions, please reach out to any of the staff.  We'll see you on the fields.

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